Have you kept up to date with us so far? Make sure you read through the previous posts for all the previous collections and reviews. Today we are looking at their Coconut Water collection for dry hair! Can we just appreciate how good the shampoo looks lol.

It’s a small collection made up of only 3 products

  1. weightless hydration Coconut Water shampoo
  2. weightless hydration Coconut Water conditioner
  3. weightless hydration Coconut Water hydration oil

I wish they had a leave in conditioner in this collection! Anyway for reviews check out the videos below, remember you can always go on YT for more reviews if you are thinking of making a purchase


Where to purchase

Priced at £4.66 (on sale) at Boots

Have you tried any OGX Beauty products? Share your experiences with me!

OGX Beauty: weightless hydration Coconut Water
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