I love setting sprays, to be totally honest, I love any facial mist because I love drenching my face in them, especially if it promises dewy/glow or luminosity. I picked up the Obsession Prep, Fix Glow Skin Mist because it promises glowing skin but also it’s a 3 in 1 multi-use mist which can be used as a spray primer, and a fixing spray that gives a glowy finish.

The mist has been formulated with antioxidants and ingredients to soften and condition the skin.


Even though this is a multi-use product, I only use it as a setting spray. I always two setting sprays in my makeup routine. The first mist comes after I have powdered my face i.e.my powder bronzer or face powder and the 2nd mist (always a different spray) after I have finished my routine. Then a few more mists of each (smh). I did this because I found I was always over powdering but I didn’t want my face to look dry so this trick helped to take away the excess powder. I have since then changed my technique- I don’t powder my whole face anymore! I only use my face pressed powder on any areas I haven’t used any powder on e.g. bronzer/contour powder. Previously I was powdering my whole face then using bronzer/contour on top. So even though I changed my techniques, I still love using two different mists and the Obsession Prep, Fix Glow Makeup setting spray served as the first mist.

I have also layered this mist as a final mist in my routine and I must admit I do not think it leaves the skin as luminous as I would like. I think it is a good setting/fixing spray and helps the skin look smooth but it doesn’t give a glowy finish. It’s slightly disappointing as I specifically bought it for the glowing finish they promise but I still like the mist.

It didn’t last long when I started using it because I had to layer this many times (about 4 times in a single routine) to see if I would get a more dewy finish. I didn’t.


If you want a glowy makeup setting spray, I won’t recommend this( there is another one from Revolution I would recommend) I think the reason why I am harsh on this product is because I have a lot of glowing setting sprays( tbh about 90%) so I have high expectations when a product promises glow. Its ok, it doesn’t leave the skin matte so if you wanted a very subtle glow then maybe you could try this. I still like it because it great at setting the makeup and making it last a little longer so I would definitely recommend it for that.

Would I repurchase? Yes- it’s only £6 and it makes a good makeup setting spray.

Obsession Prep, Fix Glow Skin Mist is £6 on Revolution*

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Obsession Prep Fix Glow Skin Mist review

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  • 15/07/2019 at 3:14 pm

    I’m not a fan of dewy make up but if I try it, (intentionally – because my “matte” make up always goes oily anyway ), I’ll try these setting sprays.


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