When it comes to removing makeup, I was a baby wipes kind of girl. Then I graduated to micellar water and stuck with that for a while! But been a product junkie means I LOVE to test out new products so I was very happy to have been gifted the cult cleanser- Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser at an event I went to! This cleanser has not only won awards but it’s a fav among bloggers and editors alike. But a hype product doesn’t mean everyone will like it, let’s get into this review, shall we?

The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser has been formulated with naturally active ingredients like rosemary, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil. It cleanses and gently exfoliates for smoother clearer skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages, Cleanse & Polish is a two-phase process: cleanse with the product and polish it off with the pure muslin cloth



I have been using the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser for a few weeks now and 5 times a week. It hasn’t broke me out nor have I experienced any irritation with it, so that’s good.  I have been following the instructions and using it as recommended. I use two pumps for my whole face. The 1st pump to work on my face makeup, i.e. foundation, blush etc then polish it off and the 2nd pump focuses on my eye makeup and my neck, then whatever residue is left.

I noticed the product is very creamy and thick and works instantly to break down the face makeup. I can see the product turning brown as I begin to massage onto my skin. I feel as though it’s not as effective against mascaras. I am almost always left with panda eyes with the product which is why I go in with a 2nd pump to take most of it away. The scent is quite herbal so if you are not a fan of strong herbal scents then stay away from this.

This would be my first time using a muslin cloth and the experience was quite underwhelming. First, because I didn’t think it was hygienic as I was using the same cloth a few times and I couldn’t really wash out all the makeup after using it. Second, I didn’t know how many times I could reuse the cloth before throwing it away. I like how it feels against my skin though, it’s supposed to be exfoliating and it feels like a gentle scrub on the skin.

After taking off my makeup, I always follow up with a face brush to remove the remaining residue. I noticed a lot of residue was left on my face, even though I use two pumps, compared to using other makeup removal products e.g. the Boots Cleansing Micellar Water Solution. I didn’t like this at all! In terms of making my skin clearer and smoother, I haven’t noticed a difference yet.


For me, it’s an ok cleanser and I would probably score this a 6/10! Mainly because of the amount of residue that’s left and its effectiveness against mascara. I am really impressed on how it gets to work instantly, though! I must also add- I love the packaging. I really wanted to love this cleanser but unfortunately, I am meh about it. This would be my first time using a cleanser of this kind too. I would say to use a pump each time you use it and not go in with two pumps at once lol like I did. I probably need to try a few others and read up on muslin cloths.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is £14 and available from Boots

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

3 thoughts on “Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

  • January 3, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. It’s been my holy grail cleanser for more than 3 years. Maybe you should try using a micellar cleansing water first. That helps with thorough cleansing too. I only need to use one pump after I’ve taken the bulk of the makeup off with the micellar water or the wipes. Also, this helps with the muslin cloth situation too. It means it doesn’t get dirty quickly. I use mine for about 3 days ( twice a day) before putting it in the wash. I use ordinary face flannels if I don’t have any clean muslin cloths left. They work the same too.

    Hope you’d give it another chance with these tips.

    Liza | http://www.yaalia.com

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