‘When I decided I wanted to wear my natural hair I was really confident and didn’t care what everyone else was doing. I had my husbands support and that’s all I needed.  I was walking around saying, “You Can’t Tell Me NOTHING” in my Kanye Voice’ lol.- Shameka


So guys, this is Shameka from Norfolk V.A ( not the Norfolk in the UK lol), recent fabulous natural haired woman to be added to my twitter family.  Ok now not only has she got natural hair, she’s doing her thing by working on earning her degree in medical administration! ( you go girl, that’s something along the lines of what I will be doing soon)


She’s currently living in California however back in her hometown she recalls a lot of women having natural hair and describes Virginia as been diverse( which is good. Always good lool). Ok, so how she transitioned? The easiest of ways I have discovered yet!

When I went natural it happened when I moved and just let my relaxer grow out. I had never seen my natural hair before so when I saw it I ended up keeping it instead of cutting it off or relaxing again. It’s stuck with me now 😉

Yeah. Believe it. Yeah now don’t we all wish it was like that. I mean just ike that LOL.

  Now the big one- why did you choose to transition? Can you remember the date? How long has it been?

 I never transitioned, I just let my hair grow out as it was from a short relaxed style.


Did you feel that making that decision was hard for you especially when most of the women around you had silky straight hair?

Not really. When I decided I wanted to wear my natural hair I was really confident and didn’t care what everyone else was doing. I had my husbands support and that’s all I needed.  I was walking around saying, “You Can’t Tell Me NOTHING” in my Kanye Voice lol.

And that Kanye Voice paid offff   LOOOOOOOOOOL… loook




I changed my entire stash that I started out with. In the beginning of my journey I had a lot of store bought items, a lot of stuff that you had to order online. Now the majority of the stuff that I use I try make myself, I only purchase the basics and a few styling aids: black soap, conditioner, carrier/essential oils, a few gels and shea/mango/cocoa butter to make my own whipped hair butter. ( oooh entrepreneur in the making LOL I know where to get free hair products now… yay me)

Eco styler gel( now this must be the 5th I think, this gel has come up and am glad to say I have also tried it!! Yess I just had to guys and I must say I see what the hype about this gel is… its real good, I used this gel( the one in the black tub) for a twist out and I must say it’s the most successful twist out I have had. Looks like a keeper guys LOL anways back to Mrs Shameka), shea butter and water has been some of the products helping Mrs Shameka keep her natural tresses in top condition

Has there been a change in your hair routines? Like the number of times you wash your hair a week, how you protect your hair when you sleep? Protective styling? ( weaves, braids, ponytails)


Yes, recently I have started protective styling a lot more. I needed a break from my hair so I had it braided for a month. When I took them out I noticed I didn’t have knots in my hair anymore (that’s my main problem). I wash my hair once a week, I tried to go 2 weeks but my hair starts itching so I have to do it weekly. I always wear a satin scarf to bed, if not that then I’m sleeping on satin sheets & pillow cases ! ( point taken and noted.. now added to my never ending things to try but never having enough money for it because i always use that money for shoes, or kfc list)


A lot of women I have spoken to say they want to go natural but find there are hardly any products for them. Can you recommend good hair products and if possible where to get them?


 I would recommend they always start off with the stuff that’s not too expensive so if it doesn’t work you didn’t waste a lot of money. Try Shea Moisture, Kinky Curly, Eco Styler Gel, Oyin Handmade or Alikay Naturals 🙂 ( 3rd time kinky curly products have come up, 2nd time oyin hand made products have come up and 1st alikay naturals products have come up) ( and i just noticed i did them in order i didnt do it on purpose i really didnt)

Alikay Naturals



oyin handmade


Would you advice any women to go natural? And why?

No, I think it’s a personal choice for each woman to make on her own.  Now if she asked me for advice on what they need to know before going natural or something like that I’d be more than happy to say what I know. But “persuading” women to go natural? Not something I would do . . . that’s not my decision to make, it’s theirs. ( very true)


And finally what the best piece of advice you would give to a woman who has just decided to go natural?

1. Know your hair type and understand the needs of your hair based on it’s hair type. (the moisture it needs, the type of products that work best, basic care)

2. Do your research about the ingredients in products before you buy, or make your own

3. Everything does not work the same for everyone, so build your own regimen based off what works for your hair not someone else’s.  

( ok her point on research, am telling you its as important as finding the right products as a matter of fact it it through that you find the right products!!!!)

aint she pretty??? yes she is! yes she is!


OK folks… thats Shameka guys. the most easiest transitioner yet LOL…. recently started talking to her on twitter and here is she, she agreed to get involved for slimtingz18.. thanks girl! much appreciated!

thats all folks.. make sure you check back here for more inspiration. #teamNatural #teamTransitioning #teamChrist #teamWhateverisgood

take care guys and good night and before you go make sure you subscribbbbeeee LOL

nah God bless and good night. mwah


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